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Sample using process

1. Submit an application. The sample user must obtain the written consent of the sample source department in advance, and the research project involved in the applied sample must pass the ethical approval. After the approval, a sample use application should be submitted to the biobank 14 working days in advance, and the Sample Release Application Form of Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center of Hubei Province should be filled out at the same time.

2. Evaluation and review. The biobank will evaluate the project and the sample, mainly reviewing project level, scientific research value, sample value, and compliance with ethical requirements, etc. Only after approval can further outbound procedures be processed.

3. Sign an outbound agreement. Before the samples are released from the storage, both parties need to jointly sign the Agreement on Sample Release from the Storage Center of Human Genetic Resources of Hubei Province, and the sample user should fulfill the corresponding rights and obligations in accordance with the content of the release agreement.

4. Query sample information. Biobank staff will check the sample quantity, location, and other information in advance based on the type and quantity of samples applied by the applicant.

5. Sample outbound and handover. The biobank staff follow the standard operating procedures for sample outbound, and jointly confirm the sample quantity, type, and other information with the applicant to ensure accuracy. After that, they jointly fill out the Sample Outbound Handover Form.

6.  Sample usage feedback. Sample applicants should provide timely feedback on sample usage one month, three months, and six months after the sample is released, and cooperate with the biobank to improve the sample collection scheme, sample processing process and quality control and other factors affecting the quality of samples.