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Data collection process

In addition to the data corresponding to the wet biobank samples, if there is an intention to cooperate with the dry biobank to obtain the necessary human genetic information, in order to ensure data quality and data use value, conducting cooperation in the form of scientific research projects or research topics is recommended. Refer to the data collection process.

1. Submit an application. The data demand department submit a written application form and fill in the details.

2. Evaluation and review. Biobank evaluates projects and data, assessing project level, topic value, rationality of data entry forms, and availability of data. After passing the examination, the data storage procedures can be further processed. A written notice of refusal to enter the dry biobank will be issued if the review is not approved.

3. Data storage. Data shall be collected in strict accordance with the Data Entry Form submitted with the application form.

4. Archive and save. After data collection is completed, sort out and archive the data, and the Biobank Data Entry Registration Form will be filled out.