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Informed consent is a process to get permission before conducting a healthcare intervention on a person, or to disclose personal information. Informed consent is collected according to the guidelines for both medical ethics and research ethics. Face-to-face informed consent by our trained technicians is indispensable.


1. Informed consent

When the donor voluntarily participates in the trial or the legal representative of the donor agrees to donate the sample and the corresponding clinical information, the informed consent will be signed by both parties in the following manner:

The donor signs his/her name and dates on the informed consent.

The name of the donor is printed, and the legal representative sign his/her name and dates in the column for "legal representative", indicating the relationship with the donor as well.

The researcher who executes the informed consent signs and dates on the informed consent, and provides his/her name and contact information to the donor at the same time.

When there is a notary, the notary signs his/her name and dates on the informed consent.

Patients and clinical information will not be saved in the Biobank without the completed informed consent.


2. Preservation and filing

The donor or his/her legal representative will be provided a copy of the informed consent signed by both parties. We keep both the original printed and electronic versions of informed consent.