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Data outbound process

Departments or individuals who need to apply for data from the biobank for project or research purposes should complete the data outbound application according to the following process.

1. Submit an application. Departments that require the use of sample data can obtain the Application Form for Outbound of Human Genetic Resources from our official website or our staff, and fill out the application form in detail.

2. Review and evaluation. The application form should be submitted to the data source department and the biobank for review. Review the ethical approval documents for the project, the consistency of the applied data and samples, the matching degree between the value of the data and the expected results, and the availability of the data, etc. Further outbound procedures can only be processed after approval. If the review fails, a Notice of Refusal to Export Data from the biobank will be issued.

3. Data organization. Based on the data requirements in the application form, our staff will organize and archive the data.

4. Data outbound. The data application department designated staff to copy the data in our database, or encrypt the data according to the protocol, and fill in the Biobank Data Delivery Registration Form.