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At present, the biobank has 43 full-time staff, including 13 PhDs, 13 masters, 3 doctoral supervisors, 2 master's supervisors, and 13 full-time scientific researchers. They come from the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, pathology, informatics and so on. The biobank covers the latest international concepts of "dry bank", "wet bank" and "living bank". It has Hamilton Microlab STAR series automatic liquid processing and nucleic acid extraction workstation, large outdoor liquid nitrogen tower, Germany ASKION Work Bench program cooling platform, Germany ASKION C-line HS The 200S automatic liquid nitrogen storage management system, TANKA vapor liquid nitrogen tank, German GFL water-cooled ultra-low temperature refrigerator, human genetic resources high-throughput analysis platform, ion mobility four-pole tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer and other international top equipment to ensure standardized sample collection and high-quality repository.