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Mr. Jiliang Sheng, secretary of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, visited Human Genetics Resource

Author:生物样本库管理员       Time:2018-09-20 17:01:10      Viewed:120



On July 12th, 2018, Secretary Jiliang Sheng of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau visited our biobank (Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center of Hubei Province at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University) to conduct a field investigation. Professor Xinghuan Wang, president of our hospital, Professor Jun Lin, vice party committee secretary of our hospital, Jianying Huang, director of platform construction office of our hospital, and Dr.Yu Xiao, director of Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center, accompanied the visit.




At the entrance to the office area of the reservoir area, the staff briefly introduced the work progress of the Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center (Biobank) during the first six months. By the end of March 2018, the Biobank successfully held an expert demonstration meeting on the "Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University". In the middle of May, Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department, Hubei Provincial Health and Planning Commission jointly issued documents to formally establish the "Human Genetics Resource Preservation Center at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University". More than 20 SCI papers have been published so far in 2017.




Recently, advanced equipment and instruments for the Biobank have arrived in the reservoir area one after another which have been fully used after installation and commissioning. These include the gas phase liquid nitrogen tanks, Hamilton automatic liquid workstations from Switzerland, and ASKION C-line 200S automatic liquid nitrogen storage and management systems from Germany. Related personnel introduced the various equipment, and demonstrated sample collection, storage, extraction, and other processes.



In addition, the Biobank is equipped with an omnidirectional monitoring system, which can monitor the situation of the reservoir area in real time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of the samples.




By the end of June 2018, a total of over 20 departments of our hospital collaborate with our Wetban, and stored samples including surgical excision tissue, blood cells, plasma, urine sediment, and urine supernatant.


Secretary Sheng highly appraised the established achievements of the Biobank and pointed out that the Biobank played an important role in the field of scientific research. The samples are the cornerstone to promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry in China. The Biobank should cooperate closely with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to actively seek development points. The Bureau of Science and Technology will also vigorously support relevant scientific research projects and platform programs.