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The first "large-scale liquid nitrogen tower special for Biobank" in Central China located

Author:生物样本库管理员       Time:2018-08-14 16:56:01      Viewed:119

The first "Large-scale liquid nitrogen tower for Biobank" in Central China was located in the Department of Biological Repositories (Biobank), Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. This liquid nitrogen tower, which had a capacity of 10 m3, need to be refueled only once a month. At present, there are less than ten Biobanks equipped with this type of liquid nitrogen tower throughout the country. Automatic gas phase liquid nitrogen storage station is an integrated product of "artificial intelligence technology", "automation technology", and "mechanical technology". The emergence of automated Biobank is an important condition for the modernization of sample technology and an important sign of the development of biological repositories into the new era.